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Secret to be a good Engineer

I have seen that the students who are consistence with their studies, who are determined to get their goal, to understand everything, and who are determined to do something meaningful in their life are the ones who become good Engineers. They are good with the Analysis, Design and construction.
They get the success in their professional life. So start studying in a meaningful way from  the time of your study. I have realized it now, I hope you don't get late to realize it.

Types of Pavements: Highway Engineering

The pavement is the structure which takes up all the traffic loads coming on the road. According to their behavior they can classified in these major categories:
(1) Flexible pavements: These are the pavements which have very less flexural strength. They transfer the load coming over them directly to the lower layers through grain to grain contact. So the load transfer largely depends upon the type of the grains/aggregates that are used in the construction of the pavement.  If the aggregates are well compact/ well graded then their grain to grain contact will be good and they can transfer the load to a wider area. The flexible pavement has the following layers:
(a) Wearing course
(b) Sub base course
(c) Base course
(d) Sub grade
The stress intensity is maximum at the top layer of the pavement and it decreases with depth. Due to ability of the pavement to transfer the loads to lower layers in the truncated form, the layer concept has been introduced for its construction. The pavements …

GATE 2013 for Civil Engineering Online exam held on 20th January -Solution are required

I appeared first time in the GATE exam and it was a nice experience. It was all online, so there was no paper wastage. It is a good way to save the paper and the environment around us.  The exam duration was 3 hours, and it carried about 62 or 63 questions.  Questions carried different marks with it.  For Civil Engineering aspirants, I wanted to make an answer key but it is hard to remember the questions now. I remember some of the questions. I have confidence over some questions which I have attempted rightly.  If you remember the questions, then please write in the comment box and I can discuss the answer that I know with you. I hope that I may help you this way.